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WHO resumes “hydroxychloroquine” trial

The number of people diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia exceeded 6.5 million, and more than 386,000 died. After temporarily suspending the “hydroxychloroquine” anti-new coronavirus trial in late last month, the WHO announced the day before that it decided to resume the “hydroxychloroquine” anti-new coronavirus trial based on the existing patient mortality data. US President Trump claimed earlier that he had been taking the drug for two weeks to prevent infection with the new coronavirus.

■Brazilian medical staff detect new coronary pneumonia for children.  Associated Press
Brazilian medical staff detect new coronary pneumonia for children. 
Associated Press

Brazil’s daily increase of 28,000 people is diagnosed.

  The epidemic situation in Brazil is still severe, and 28,000 people were diagnosed in the past day. According to the Brazilian Labor Prosecutor’s Office, a total of 9,000 confirmed cases have been reported in Southern Dahe State, of which more than a quarter are meat factory workers and involved 24 slaughterhouses. There have also been outbreaks in several meat factories in the United States, including Smithfield, Tyson Foods and JBS, some of which are closed. The wave of factory closures in the past few weeks has cost the United States a third of its pork production capacity.

  In addition, China’s National Health and Health Commission notified that a new case was imported from the Mainland the day before yesterday from Guangdong.

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