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Scolded only to help friends quarrel in the live broadcast of two CNBC anchors

Two anchors of CNBC TV station in the US live broadcast yesterday, arguing in front of the audience on the severity of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. One anchor to another anchor said: “! 10 million people died, and you do just want to help your friend President (Trump)”

The two anchors quarreled in front of the audience.  Network diagram
The two anchors quarreled in front of the audience. 
Network diagram

staged two acts of farce is this anchor McKenna (Joe Kernen) and Sorkin (Andrew Ross Sorkin). During the dialogue, the two discussed the new coronary pneumonia epidemic and its impact on the stock market. Kona said that Sogin has always been allergic and overly pessimistic about the stock market outlook. Suo Jin felt dissatisfied and made a counterattack. The two became more and more excited.

Saukin said: “There are many smart people who question why the stock market is still so prosperous in the current economic situation?” Kner asked back: “Why are they smart people? 35% of them are wrong. Just because they see what they see What happened? That would n’t make them smart. “Suo Jin countered immediately:” Azu (Knah), you have always been wrong about 100%, you have always been wrong about 100%, and you have overlooked that 100,000 people have died. ” Kerner wanted to intervene, but Sorkin raised his voice and even shot: “Slow down! Slow down! Slow down! You want to question the questions I ask every time. These are the questions that investors want to ask every time. “

the two then slightly deep breath, but before long, they get angry again. Kona criticized Sogin for being too negative, saying: “The market makes you panic, the new coronary pneumonia makes you panic, the ventilator makes you panic, the protective equipment makes you panic, whether you can go outdoors makes you panic, whether we can return to normal and make you “Panic.” So Jin’s face unpleasantly returned: “Nothing scares you! 100,000 people are dead. What you do is to help your presidential friend.”

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