PIL O Splint for Carpal Tunnel



NIGHTTIME WRIST RELIEF. The Pil-O-Splint supports the doctor-recommended conservative treatment of rest and splinting for repetitive stress injuries at night. CARPAL TUNNEL SUPPORT. This brace helps relieve pain, tingling, and numbness from carpal tunnel syndrome and prevents hand from being held in a harmful position while sleeping. EFFECTIVE DESIGN. Designed for the right or left hand, the Pil-O-Splint features two dorsal splints, an ergoBeads-filled resting pad for the palm, and a soft foam and polyflannel covering. ALL-NIGHT COMFORT. Its soft cotton lining and cushioning foam allow skin to breathe, making it comfortable to wear all night long. RECOMMENDED USES. Use for carpal tunnel syndrome, forearm tendonitis, and other wrist and hand pain.


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