Medglove NitriSkin Powder-Free Nitrile Sterile Pairs Medium Latex-Free Exam Glove Fully Textured 50 Pairs per Box



PROTECTION IN HIGH DEMAND ENVIRONMENTS: When a high risk and high demand situation requires the highest standards in safety, these individually packed pairs of latex free nitrile gloves offer exceptional convenience, protection and performance. NitriSkin gloves are made for technicians or clinicians who are exposed to blood, body fluids, chemo drugs and chemicals. Trusted by medical and business professionals alike, these safety gloves exceeds ASTM D6319 standards. GREAT FIT AND FEEL: With the elasticity of latex gloves and the strength and durability of nitrile gloves, the NitriSkin Exam Gloves have a superior fit and feel to any other protective glove. NitriSkin is a nitrile glove with all the benefits surgeons prefer in latex. These Exam gloves have the highest level of flexibility and tactile sensitivity, making them perfect for precision jobs. The added texture makes for excellent grip in both wet and dry circumstances. MEDICAL GRADE EXAMINATION GLOVES: In order for exam gloves to be considered Medical Grade, they need to pass a series of rigorous tests that ensure they meet the safety requirements set forth by the FDA. Gloves are tested for puncture, abrasion, chemical and tension resistance. The rigorous testing ensures each glove meets the highest standards for safety. Medical grade gloves are the only ones approved for medical and surgical procedures. VERSATILE AND CONVENIENCE: Meeting the highest standards for protection and safety, these disposable gloves have the flexibility to be used as a protective barrier in a number of situations and industries. Nitrile gloves are food safe, making them ideal for restaurant use and food preparation.They can be used to protect the skin during hair coloring, tattooing, painting, cleaning, pet care and more. The FDA stamp of approval makes these gloves the ideal protective choice for any hands on task. IDEAL ALTERNATIVE TO LATEX: Those with latex allergies will love this superior option for protection. These latex free, powder free Nitrile gloves are made of a synthetic rubber, meaning it does not contain any natural rubber. Nitrile gloves are far superior to latex in durability, chemical protection and puncture resistant properties. The gloves offer a comfortable fit and tactile sensitivity similar to a latex glove of the same weight.


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