Copper Arthritis Gloves Compression Gloves for Arthritis12562928



?? Soothing Compression Therapy: Soft compression gloves can relieve soreness, muscle and joint pain, thereby effectively relieve arthritis pain and increase comfort by reducing the pressure on the pressure points of the fingers, hands and wrists. ?? Ergonmic Stitching Almost Seamless: Featuring an almost seamless design and discreet stitching, these therapeutic gloves embrace your hands so as to ensure a snug and contoured fit. Find the right size for your hands and order accordingly. The unisex color and design make these gloves ideal for women, men and older family members. ?? All-day Comfortable and Breathable: These gloves are made of high-quality spandex and copper-injected polyester fiber, ensuring comfortable all-day fit and increased mobility. Retaining therapeutic heat to soothe aching joints without feeling hot or stuffy. ?? Convenient Design: The open fingerless design facilitates access to things without hindering your every move. You can wear gloves to do anything, you can use electronic devices, cook, clean the house and so on. ?? Multi-purpose: Whether you are struggling with arthritis, or muscle stiffness and hand inflammation, these gloves are dedicated to helping you relieve pain and relieve symptoms in the most natural way.


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