• Diagnosed wife does not want to leave the house and ruthless husband pushes down the street on the 5th floor: I am afraid of being infected
    The number of newly diagnosed new coronary pneumonias in the world continues to increase. A man in Egypt was unwilling to leave home after being dissatisfied with his wife. He was pushed out of the window on the fifth floor of the house, and his wife suffered severe spinal rupture. The police are currently waiting for
  • Coronary disease of patients recovering from epidemic still attacks other organ experts: it is difficult to restore the state before illness
    The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic hit the world. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of diagnoses in the world is about 10 million, with more than 496,000 deaths. Zong. According to a Reuters report, Eric Topol, director of the California Research Center (Scripps Research Translational Institute) and a
  • Difficult to manage the epidemic situation, the Hokkaido Snow Museum closed
    The new Pneumonia epidemic has hit the global economy hard, and many “less popular” tourist spots have experienced “closing tides.” Asahikawa Snow Museum, a well-known tourist spot in Hokkaido, announced that passengers will be greatly reduced due to the epidemic and will close at the end of this month. It is a pity that netizens have missed
  • The number of diagnoses exceeded 10 million Globally raised 53.5 billion R&D vaccines
    The number of people diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia exceeded 10 million, and about 500,000 died. Many countries around the world have raised US$6.9 billion (HK$53.5 billion) in response to the epidemic, which will be used for research and development of vaccines and treatments, as well as virus testing for more people. In addition, there were two
  • Global death toll exceeds 500,000 in 7 California counties and then close bars
    According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of diagnoses of new coronary pneumonia in the world has exceeded 10.1 million, and the number of deaths has exceeded 500,000. The cumulative number of diagnoses in the United States increased to 2.54 million, and the number of deaths was 125,000, the
  • Standard common sense about masks
    ​N series is American standard KN series is Chinese standard FFP series is a European standard The higher the number, the higher the protection level It is easier to understand with a formula: FFP3>FFP2=N95=KN95>KN90 ​The number with a V at the end indicates that there is a valve. ​All 95 starts with the N95 series
  • Biden worries that Trump’s “stealing” election in November failed to acknowledge and refused to step down
    Former Vice President Biden, who was nominated by the Democratic Party as a candidate for the US presidential election, said on Thursday that he is worried that Trump, who is fighting for re-election, will “steal” the November national election, even if he loses, he refuses to recognize the election results and He refused to step
  • Trump expects Tulsa to be held for the first campaign rally on “June Festival”
    US President Trump recently announced that he will restart the campaign that stopped for three months and plans to hold the first campaign rally after the epidemic in Tulsa, Oklahoma on the 19th of this month, but it has caused fierce controversy. Black groups and civil rights organizations criticized him for making this arrangement, as if
  • Trump elects new top five vaccine vaccines
    The New York Times quoted senior officials on Wednesday as saying that President Trump’s administration has selected five “candidate vaccines” that are expected to prevent the new Pneumococcal pneumonia virus, and pointed out that the White House may decide which one to ultimately adopt in the coming weeks. The US Department of Health declined to respond
  • WHO resumes “hydroxychloroquine” trial
    The number of people diagnosed with New Coronary Pneumonia exceeded 6.5 million, and more than 386,000 died. After temporarily suspending the “hydroxychloroquine” anti-new coronavirus trial in late last month, the WHO announced the day before that it decided to resume the “hydroxychloroquine” anti-new coronavirus trial based on the existing patient mortality data. US President Trump claimed earlier
  • British Secretary of Commerce Cen Haowen is negative for the virus test
    British Minister of Commerce, Energy and Industrial Strategy Cen Haowen said on the social networking site that he tested negative for the new coronavirus and was not infected. When Cen Haowen, 52, spoke at a meeting of the House of Commons on Wednesday, he felt sick and kept sweating. He was then tested and returned
  • Foreign news means the United States will return the quasi-Chinese civil aircraft to the United States
    According to foreign reports, US government officials and aviation owners said that the US Department of Transportation plans to adjust the policy and issue a revised ban in the next few days to allow Chinese airlines to continue to travel to and from the United States, but the Department of Transportation also responded to the
  • Brazil has a total of 34,000 people infected with epidemics, surpassing Italy and becoming the third most in the world
    Brazil’s new Coronary Pneumonia epidemic continues to spread, with an additional 30,925 cases diagnosed in a single day, with a total of 615,870 people infected, the second most in the world; more than 1,400 deaths and a cumulative total of 34,021 people died, surpassing Italy’s global rise third. In São Paulo State, where the epidemic
  • When the death toll from the Brazilian epidemic soared, why was the president eager to restart the economy?
    Brazil has become one of the countries with the worst new crown epidemic. Even though epidemiologists warn that the number of deaths in the country’s new crown may increase exponentially, Brazilian President Bosonaro continues to downplay the risk of the epidemic, deflecting other officials’ obstruction, and insisting on pushing the economy to restart. Luciana Magalhaes, a correspondent
  • WHO: Over 6.14 million confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide
    According to the latest real-time statistics from WHO, as of 10:06 on June 2, Central European Daylight Time, 6,140,934 cases of new coronary pneumonia and 373,548 deaths were confirmed globally.
  • Polls: 53% of respondents dissatisfied with Trump’s anti-epidemic performance
    Just as the death toll of the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic in the United States exceeded the 100,000 mark, the results of a newly released poll show that the percentage of respondents who are satisfied and dissatisfied with President Trump ’s anti-epidemic practices and performance has not changed much . However, the approval rating of former
  • 66-year-old woman diagnosed with Spanish new crown with zero infection on the 14th
    The Center for Health Protection of the Department of Health announced that as of 4 pm today (28th), the center has not recorded any new confirmed cases of new pneumonia, and it has not experienced any new local infections for 14 consecutive days, after an incubation period. The cumulative number of cases in Hong Kong is
  • Scolded only to help friends quarrel in the live broadcast of two CNBC anchors
    Two anchors of CNBC TV station in the US live broadcast yesterday, arguing in front of the audience on the severity of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic. One anchor to another anchor said: “! 10 million people died, and you do just want to help your friend President (Trump)” staged two acts of farce is this
  • Emergency state lifts suspected outbreak of group infection in a hospital in Tokyo
    The Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan added 15 new cases of new coronary pneumonia in a single day today, and a total of 5195 cases so far. In addition, Japanese media reported that about 20 people reported fever and other symptoms in a hospital in Koganei City, Tokyo, and suspected a mass infection. The Japan Broadcasting
  • Misconception that drinking tortoise blood can prevent epidemic and cause poisoning to the family of May baby girl
    A pair of parents in the Dominican Republic, following the instructions of the witch, thought that drinking tortoise blood could resist new coronary pneumonia, so drinking tortoise blood with their daughters eventually led to the poisoning of the whole family. The 5-month-old daughter died even more unfortunately, while others Receive treatment in the hospital. According