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Difficult to manage the epidemic situation, the Hokkaido Snow Museum closed

The new Pneumonia epidemic has hit the global economy hard, and many “less popular” tourist spots have experienced “closing tides.” Asahikawa Snow Museum, a well-known tourist spot in Hokkaido, announced that passengers will be greatly reduced due to the epidemic and will close at the end of this month. It is a pity that netizens have missed the chance to visit again.

  The “Snow Museum” in Asahikawa, Hokkaido is based on the theme of white snow crystals and shows the natural beauty of snow. There are colorful glazed rooms decorated with snowflake patterns and hexagonal spiral staircases, making people feel like they are in a dream world. According to a Japanese media quoted by the wedding service company that runs the museum, the epidemic caused a sudden drop in tourists, and the operating status became very difficult, so he decided to give up continuing to operate the Snow Museum, which will take effect on June 30 this year. It is reported that in the winter before the epidemic, about 300 people visit each day every year, and a record 100,000 people visited in 2019. However, in February this year, the number of visitors was less than 100, and tour groups and weddings were canceled again and again. After the news came out, many Japanese netizens regretted that they originally wanted to withdraw from the epidemic and went to visit, but unfortunately there was no chance.

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