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Diagnosed wife does not want to leave the house and ruthless husband pushes down the street on the 5th floor: I am afraid of being infected

Youtube movie screenshot
Youtube movie screenshot

The number of newly diagnosed new coronary pneumonias in the world continues to increase. A man in Egypt was unwilling to leave home after being dissatisfied with his wife. He was pushed out of the window on the fifth floor of the house, and his wife suffered severe spinal rupture. The police are currently waiting for his wife to recover, hoping to obtain further testimony.

The man reportedly confessed to the police that the couple had been arguing frequently, and the agreement was separating before the outbreak, and the relationship between the two became worse after the wife contracted the new coronary pneumonia: “I am afraid of being infected, my wife does After 3 examinations, it was confirmed that she had been infected, so I asked her to leave the house, but she refused, and I pushed her.”

Some psychiatrists said that the global epidemic is making people nervous, and various public places, such as Restaurants, schools are closed, everyone must maintain social distance, and some people lose their jobs, which leads to increased domestic violence. “Emotions have no exits, no parks or entertainment places to go, the family will stay in the same place for a long time. “

Reprinted with permission from Ohpama
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