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Coronary disease of patients recovering from epidemic still attacks other organ experts: it is difficult to restore the state before illness

People who have recovered from new coronary pneumonia may not be able to return to their pre-onset state 100%.  AP
People who have recovered from new coronary pneumonia may not be able to return to their pre-onset state 100%. 

The New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic hit the world. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of diagnoses in the world is about 10 million, with more than 496,000 deaths. Zong.

According to a Reuters report, Eric Topol, director of the California Research Center (Scripps Research Translational Institute) and a cardiologist, said that the new coronavirus not only damages the patient’s respiratory system, but also causes many complications and other problems for the patient. Damaged organ system. “In the beginning we thought it was just a respiratory virus, but it turns out that it will continue to attack the pancreas, heart, liver, brain, kidneys and other organs. These are things we didn’t expect at first.” In addition to difficulty breathing, patients will also have concurrency Blood clots cause strokes, causing headaches, dizziness, loss of sense of smell, smell, epilepsy and confusion in the nervous system.

Some doctors have found that patients who have recovered not only have difficulty recovering from their health, but also may have unpredictable sequelae in the next few years.

And Dr. Helen Salisbury of Oxford University estimates that about 1 in 10 people with new coronavirus will have prolonged symptoms. Their “chest X-rays are normal and there is no sign of inflammation.” However, when they exercise before, they often tend to Feeling difficult to breathe, even breathing when walking up stairs, may not be able to return to the state before the illness 100%.

In addition, Sadiya Khan, a cardiology authority at Northwestern Medical Center in Chicago, expressed concern about the huge medical expenses that may be caused by the future complications of the recovered.

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