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British Secretary of Commerce Cen Haowen is negative for the virus test

British Minister of Commerce, Energy and Industrial Strategy Cen Haowen said on the social networking site that he tested negative for the new coronavirus and was not infected.

Cen Haowen said he was not infected with new coronary pneumonia.  AP
Cen Haowen said he was not infected with new coronary pneumonia. 

When Cen Haowen, 52, spoke at a meeting of the House of Commons on Wednesday, he felt sick and kept sweating. He was then tested and returned to his home to isolate himself. The spokesperson subsequently confirmed that Cen Haowen, 52, was unwell and the Capitol building was also cleaned up.

Later, he posted on a social networking site that the test result was negative, and he thanked the people who greeted him in the past 24 hours.

The day before, he used to meet with Prime Minister Johnson for 45 minutes at Prime Minister’s House at 10 Downing Street. The meeting also included Finance Minister Xin Weicheng, during which everyone kept a distance of 2 meters.

A number of high-level British officials, including Johnson, have been admitted to the hospital with New Coronary Pneumonia. Johnson was once sent to the Intensive Care Unit.

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