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Biden worries that Trump’s “stealing” election in November failed to acknowledge and refused to step down

Former Vice President Biden, who was nominated by the Democratic Party as a candidate for the US presidential election, said on Thursday that he is worried that Trump, who is fighting for re-election, will “steal” the November national election, even if he loses, he refuses to recognize the election results and He refused to step down, but he is confident that if this happens, the military will intervene and “escort” Trump away from the White House.

Biden, who was far ahead in the recent polls, said on the TV show “The Daily Show” on Thursday night and was interviewed: “What I care most about is the only thing I care about most: This president will try to “steal” this Election.” Biden did not specifically explain how he thinks Trump “stolen” the election, but he pointed out that Trump opposed the postal voting method. He said that in the November 3 national vote, the Democratic Party will send lawyers to polling locations across the country to observe whether Republicans intend to manipulate the election.

In response to Biden’s remarks, Murto, Trump’s liaison director of the campaign office, said it was another brainless conspiracy theory proposed by Biden, and criticized Biden’s continued attempts to weaken public confidence in the US election. Moto pointed out: “President Trump made it very clear that he will accept the results of the 2020 election.”

To the last election held in 2016, Trump had hinted that if his opponent Hilary won, he would not accept the result. Recently, he publicly criticized the postal voting method adopted by some states four times, pointing out that this voting method is full of malpractices and is prone to fraud. Election experts and government officials pointed out that, under the scourge of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the postal ballots in the general election this year are expected to rise significantly.

During his visit, Biden said that in the recent wave of anti-police and anti-racist demonstrations in the country, some former senior military officials publicly criticized Trump’s handling methods, giving him confidence that Trump would really refuse to accept the election. As a result of defeat, the military will intervene. He said: “I am absolutely convinced that they (the military) will make a major dispatch to escort him (Trump) away from the White House.”

Biden has also expressed publicly more than once before, worried that Trump will cheat in the election. The results of a recently released poll show that Biden’s approval rating is far ahead of Trump, and the farther and farther away, the attacks between the two are becoming more and more intense.

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