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Quality assurance, price advantage

customwar products undergo strict quality testing to ensure that the pass rate of the products shipped from the factory is 99%. The company's products have obtained CE certification. The company's production philosophy: produce the best quality products at the lowest cost Read More

Innovative R & D

The company has a strong technical force and has a R & D team from the elite of the medical device industry. The R & D direction is closely integrated with clinical needs and currently has more than 60 patents. Read More

Complete product specifications and models

customwar products cover more than 200 kinds of products in the three major sectors of medical polymer series, masks and protective clothing series, which can meet the needs of the market and consumers. Read More

Purchase convenience, quality service

You can purchase our products through online shopping mode and telephone order mode. After confirming that the order payment is completed, the company provides home delivery service. Read More

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We are a medical appliance company specializing in the production of masks, goggles, disinfectants, medical gloves, thermometers and other products. All products meet the national specifications. Fighting pneumonia. We walk with you Purchase Now View Detail