Trump: The epidemic is worse than the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and the 911 terrorist attack

Trump: The epidemic is worse than the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor and the 911 terrorist attack
May 6, 2020 No Comments News

US President Trump on Wednesday described the outbreak of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in the United States as the “severest attack” ever, worse than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor during the Second World War and the disaster of the “911” terrorist attacks 20 years ago.

Trump pointed out that the epidemic should be stopped at the source. 

Trump told reporters in the Oval Office of the White House: “We have experienced the worst attack ever in our country. This is our unprecedented attack. It is worse than Pearl Harbor and worse than the World Trade Center. It has never happened before. This kind of attack. “

He said:” This kind of thing should not happen. It should be able to be stopped at the source. It should be stopped in China. It is not stopped at the source. No. “

A reporter asked if he regarded the epidemic as an epidemic. “Actual warfare”? Trump replied that the enemy of the United States is the epidemic, not China.

He said: “I see the invisible enemy (new crown virus) as war. I don’t like how it came here because it should have been stopped long ago, but not (stopped), I see this invisible enemy as war.”

According to John ‧The latest data released by Hopkins shows that there have been more than 12.27 million confirmed cases nationwide and more than 73,000 deaths. As for the world, there are more than 374.8 thousand diagnoses and more than 263 thousand deaths. In the 24 hours to Wednesday, 2073 more people died in the United States. These figures reflect the continuing severity of the epidemic in the United States, but many states and cities are already in a hurry to relax home orders and other restrictive measures and restart the economy.

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