More than 20,000 new experts in the United States infected with new coronary pneumonia promote a scientific response to the outbreak

More than 20,000 new experts in the United States infected with new coronary pneumonia promote a scientific response to the outbreak
May 14, 2020 No Comments News
There were more than 4.43 million newly diagnosed cases of new coronary pneumonia worldwide and more than 300,000 deaths. In the United States, where the epidemic is most severe, more than 20,000 new cases have been diagnosed, with a total of 1.45 million infected and more than 86,000 dead. President Trump said the vaccine is expected to be available this year. Some experts in the United States warned that the epidemic situation may usher in the darkest winter in modern times.

Bright, the former director of the US Agency for Advanced Research and Development in Biomedicine, put on a mask and wiped the table with a disinfectant towel when he attended the Congressional hearing in the House of Representatives on Thursday. He pointed out that the authorities have no overall plan to deal with the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, and warned that if it cannot be handled scientifically, this year may face the darkest winter of the next generation.

Bright, the former director of the Advanced Research and Development Bureau of Biomedicine, said: "Our opportunities are passing away. If we are unable to improve the response based on science, I am worried that the epidemic will worsen and prolong. There is a great chance to combine seasonal flu. If there is no better plan, the winter of 2020 will be the darkest in modern history. "

Bright pointed out that many people asked to restart the economy, but this must be handled with care, and the processing capacity of the medical system is close to the limit.

He believes that it is too optimistic to hope that the vaccine will be successfully developed within a year and a half, and if it is too rapid, the safety of the vaccine will not be fully evaluated. Bright also pointed out that no single company can produce enough vaccines to meet the needs of the United States or the world, so a plan is needed to produce and distribute vaccines fairly.

Bright complained to the Office of the Special Prosecutor earlier that he was transferred because he did not approve the widespread use of the anti-malarial drug "hydroxychloroquine" recommended by President Trump to treat new coronary pneumonia.

Trump did not wear a mask when he visited the mask distribution center in Pennsylvania. When he left the White House earlier, he criticized Bright for not doing his job.

US President Trump said: "I don't know him (Bright), I have never met him, and I don't want to see him, but when I look at him (the House of Representatives testified), he looks like an angry and dissatisfied employee. Honest Say, someone said he failed to do his job well. "

Trump also said that the vaccine is expected to be available before the end of the year. In addition, he will issue a statement on the World Health Organization as soon as possible next week.

Whether the US states revoked the "home order" to restart the economy is a big debate. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the "home order" was illegal, and locals immediately went to the bar to celebrate. In Michigan, hundreds of demonstrators protested outside the state legislature, demanding that the "Home Order" be revoked, most of them without masks, and some people even brought long guns. .

New York State Governor Como pointed out that the five major districts in the state have reached the standard for resumption of work. They will be unsealed on Friday and the first stage of resumption will begin, but New York City is not included.

New York City Mayor Bai Sihao said that the city's newly diagnosed cases, admissions and severe cases have declined significantly. If these three indexes can continue for 10 to 14 days, New York City is expected to reopen in early next month.
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