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Standard common sense about masks

​N series is American standard

KN series is Chinese standard

FFP series is a European standard

The higher the number, the higher the protection level

It is easier to understand with a formula:


​The number with a V at the end indicates that there is a valve.

​All 95 starts with the N95 series

The 90 series is also okay. The 90 series does not have a high protection level of 95, but it can also resist more than 90%, which is much better than ordinary masks.

Under normal circumstances, used to resist viruses and influenza, N95 series is sufficient.

Ear strap masks are easy to take off, suitable for friends wearing glasses, but the head effect is better with a closed effect.

I hope everyone can treat it rationally, prevent it scientifically, and believe in the coping ability of the state, government, and medical and disease control personnel.

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How to wear, use, remove and dispose of masks

Before wearing a mask, clean your hands with a hand-washing liquid containing alcohol or wash your hands with soap and water.
Cover your mouth and nose with a mask and fasten it so that there is no gap between your face and the mask.
Avoid touching the mask while wearing it; if you touch the mask, clean your hands with an alcohol-free hand sanitizer or wash your hands with soap and water.
If the mask becomes wet, you should immediately replace it with a new one. Do not reuse disposable masks.
Remove the mask: Do not touch the face of the mask with your hands, remove the mask through the two ends of the cord, immediately throw it into the closed trash can, and wash your hands with a non-washing liquid soap containing alcohol or soap and water.

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When should I wear a mask?

If you are in good health, you only need to wear a mask when caring for a 2019-nCoV suspected infected person.
If you cough or sneeze, you should wear a mask.
For effective protection, in addition to wearing a face mask, it is also necessary to wash hands often with alcohol-free hand sanitizer or soap and water.
If you wear a mask, you must understand how to use and properly dispose of the mask.

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Are there drugs specifically to prevent and treat new coronaviruses?

So far, there are no drugs specifically used to prevent and treat new coronaviruses.

Those infected with the virus should receive treatment for symptomatic and symptomatic treatment, while patients with severe illness should receive the best supportive treatment for all their symptoms. Specific treatment methods are under study and will be tested through clinical trials. WHO is working with partners to help accelerate research and development.

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Being able to hold your breath for 10 seconds or longer without coughing or feeling uncomfortable does not mean that you do not have COVID-19 or any other lung diseases.

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are dry cough, fatigue, and fever. Some people may suffer from more serious diseases such as pneumonia. Laboratory testing is the best way to confirm whether you have COVID-19. You cannot use this breathing exercise to test, it may even be dangerous.

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You can recover from COVID-19. Infection with the new coronavirus does not mean that you will carry the virus for life.

Most patients with COVID-19 can heal without the virus. If you suffer from this disease, you must treat it symptomatically. If you have a cough, fever and difficulty breathing, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible, but please call the medical institution first. After receiving symptomatic support treatment, most patients can recover.

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5G mobile network will not spread COVID-19

The virus cannot spread through radio waves / mobile networks. COVID-19 is spreading in many countries that do not yet have 5G mobile networks.

Infected persons spread COVID-19 through respiratory droplets that cough, sneeze, or talk. People may also become infected by touching their eyes, mouth, or nose after touching the surface of a contaminated object.

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Help children cope with stress during Coronavirus disease 2019

Children may respond to stress in various ways, such as stickiness, anxiety, withdrawal, anger or irritability, bedwetting, etc.

To understand children’s reactions, care about them, listen to their worries, and give extra care.

In difficult times, children need adult care. Pay more attention to them and spend more time with them.

Listen to your children patiently, and be happy with Yan Yue when talking to them, so that they can rest assured.

As much as possible, create opportunities for children to play and relax.

Try to keep children together with parents and family members, and try not to separate children from caregivers. If you have to be separated (such as being hospitalized), you should make sure that you are in regular contact by phone or other means to reassure the child.

As much as possible, maintain daily habits and work schedules, or help develop new routines and work schedules in new environments, including determining time for class / learning and safe play and relaxation.

Tell what happened in popular language according to the age of the child, explain the current situation, and clearly tell them how to reduce the risk of infection.

They should also be told what might happen and be assured (for example, if family members and / or children start to feel unwell and may need to go to the hospital for a while, tell the child that the doctor will help relieve the condition)

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Protective measures for people who are currently in areas where 2019 coronavirus is spreading or have recently visited these areas (in the past 14 days)

Follow the instructions above.
If you start to feel unwell, even if the symptoms are mild (such as headaches and mild runny nose), you should rest at home until you recover.
Reasons: Avoiding contact with others and going to medical institutions will help medical institutions operate more efficiently and help protect you and others from the 2019 coronavirus and other viruses.
If you have fever, cough, and difficulty breathing, this may be caused by a respiratory tract infection or other serious illness, so you should seek medical treatment quickly. Please call in advance and inform the medical staff of any recent travel history or history of contact with travelers.
Reasons: Calling in advance allows medical staff to quickly guide you to contact the appropriate medical institution. This also helps prevent the spread of 2019 coronavirus and other viruses.