Australia’s Bondi Beach reopens, New Zealand will gradually unblock

Australia’s Bondi Beach reopens, New Zealand will gradually unblock
April 28, 2020 No Comments News

In New South Wales, Australia, some restrictions have been relaxed. Bondi Beach was reopened on the morning of the 28th, and New Zealand also announced that the war against the New Coronary Pneumonia virus has achieved “victory” and will be gradually unblocked.

Bondi Beach reopened and many people went swimming and water skiing. 

More than 6,700 people in Australia have been diagnosed with the new coronavirus. Nearly half of them are from New South Wales. About 80% of the patients have recovered. Only two new cases were diagnosed in the state yesterday. On the local Tuesday (28th) morning, Bondi Beach and Bronte and Tamarama beaches will be reopened, but it is only open to local citizens, swimming and water skiing are not allowed, and social gatherings, sunbathing and walking are not allowed And jogging. From Friday onwards, up to two adults will be allowed to visit other people’s residences.

New Zealand ’s Prime Minister Adrian also announced that the war against Wuhan ’s pneumonia virus has achieved a major “victory”. There are no widespread and unnoticed community infections throughout the country, and the country has gradually begun to “unblock” it.

In the past 5 weeks, the most stringent “level 4” control has been maintained, that is, only the necessary services are still in operation. Yesterday, it was finally lowered to level 3, allowing some enterprises, takeaways and schools to resume operations and take classes. But she also emphasized that it is uncertain when all infections can be extinguished and return to normal life. If it is necessary to maintain level 3 control,

New Zealand has not newly diagnosed cases in the past day, with a total of 1470 confirmed diagnoses and 19 deaths.

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