Anti-epidemic worries unabated

Anti-epidemic worries unabated
May 13, 2020 No Comments News

 After the Premier League semi-finals received a green light from the British government, the 20th team intends to resume operations next Monday. It is alleged that the tournament has given the team a rehearsal manual, and players have also received relevant guidelines. However, many players refused to resume operations before the epidemic disappeared. The news indicated that the match had already met with the players on Wednesday, and the players were willing to re-enter the practice.

        It is alleged that the English Premier League teams intend to resume operations next Monday to ensure that the players will not be infected with the new crown pneumonia virus. The news indicates that each team has received a forty-page epidemic prevention manual, including the requirement that each team conduct weekly exercises for the players Two virus detections, to ensure that players have enough distance during training, etc. The England Players Union also issued guidelines to players, requiring them to strictly abide by the club guidelines during the drill.

The game will be explained to the teams,

  but after Manchester City stars Agulu and Staning expressed their worries about the rematch earlier, Aston Villa leaders Dian Smith and Berryden revealed that two and one players are clear Indicates that it will not be resumed. In order to dispel the doubts of the players, the match had already met with the captains of the teams on Wednesday. In addition to explaining the anti-epidemic measures, it was also emphasized that there was any difference in the rematch and the player’s income would suffer.

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